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Theatre Next Door is proud to offer a collection of spacious and well-equipped studios, designed to cater to the diverse needs of performers, artists, and corporate teams. With their versatile features and modern amenities, these studios provide an ideal environment for rehearsals, workshops, and corporate team-building activities.

Each of the studios at Theatre Next Door features a sprung floor parquet, ensuring optimal support and shock absorption for dancers and performers. This specialized flooring minimizes the risk of injuries during vigorous movements and enhances the overall comfort and safety of the space.

The studios also feature a Bluetooth sound system, allowing for easy connectivity to personal devices. This feature enables artists to play their music selections during rehearsals or workshops, fostering a creative and immersive atmosphere within the space.

Soundproofing is another notable feature of Theatre Next Door's studios. This ensures that the activities within the studios remain isolated from external noise, providing a quiet and focused environment for rehearsals, workshops, and team-building exercises.

With their exceptional facilities and commitment to supporting artistic and corporate endeavors, Theatre Next Door's studios are a prime destination for performers, artists, and organizations seeking a professional and inspiring space to explore and showcase their talents.

    Kunċert tat-tnedija tat-tieni album Doors Open @ 8pm Event Starts @ 9pm Parking & Bar available
  • Mid-Djarju Ta' Student Fi Skola Tal-Knisja
    Mid-Djarju Ta' Student Fi Skola Tal-Knisja
    Starts @ 20:00 Jamie Cardona will play himself and other characters in a solo-play about his time as a teen at a church school.


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