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The Theatre

Theatre Next Door is an exceptional black box theatre designed to accommodate a wide range of performances and events. With its versatile features and state-of-the-art facilities, it provides an ideal space for both professional productions and community performances.

One of the standout features of Theatre Next Door is its retractable seating, allowing for flexible seating arrangements that can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each production. This feature ensures optimal audience sightlines and creates an intimate and immersive experience for spectators.

The theatre boasts a sprung floor parquet, designed to provide optimal support and cushioning for performers, reducing the risk of injuries during dynamic movements. The floor enhances the comfort and safety of dancers, actors, and other artists who utilize the space.

To ensure a high-quality audio experience, Theatre Next Door is equipped with soundproofing and a full PA system. This allows for excellent sound distribution throughout the venue, ensuring clear and immersive audio for performances of all genres.

The lighting system at Theatre Next Door is comprehensive, offering a full range of lighting options to create stunning visual effects and set the mood for each production. The lighting system is complemented by an operator booth, providing a dedicated space for expert lighting technicians to control and enhance the visual elements of the performance.

Backstage, Theatre Next Door features a well-equipped area that includes three dressing rooms. These dressing rooms offer privacy and convenience for performers, allowing them to prepare and transition seamlessly between scenes. Additionally, there is a green room where artists can relax and unwind before or after their performances. The presence of a shower and separate toilet facilities adds to the comfort and convenience of the backstage area.

Whether it's a play, dance performance, musical concert, or any other form of artistic expression, Theatre Next Door provides a versatile and professional space to bring creative visions to life. With its top-notch facilities and commitment to supporting the performing arts, Theatre Next Door is a premier destination for both performers and audiences seeking unforgettable theatrical experiences.

  • Mid-Djarju Ta' Student Fi Skola Tal-Knisja
    Mid-Djarju Ta' Student Fi Skola Tal-Knisja
    Starts @ 14:00 Jamie Cardona will play himself and other characters in a solo-play about his time as a teen at a church school.
  • The Plastics
    The Plastics
    By Stagecoach Further Stages
  • A Performance Evening
    A Performance Evening
    Kunċert tat-tnedija tat-tieni album Doors Open @ 8pm Event Starts @ 9pm Parking & Bar available


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